Update Aug-2020: I am on sabbatical leave until summer 2021.

About me

My interests are in the intersection of the Artificial Intelligence and the Society, and in Technology and Innovation Management. I am an engineer who turned into a business school professor. To learn more about my work, please see my Google Scholar page. If you would rather consider my CV, you can download it via the link below. My current and some past affiliations are in the sidebar.
My CV in a PDF file.

At Nova School of Business and Economics I have:

1. Established a new knowledge center - Data Science Knowledge Center. In particular, I helped developing its governance, strategy, recruiting members faculty, specified and purchased two servers through my research projects and made them available as shared resources for the centers, and I keep helping in developing, distributing, and monitoring research and consulting projects until their successful implementation, and preferably scientific output. Most importantly, I was lucky to have support from the management, and the wonderful core team whose enthusiasm helped us grow together in this field and move "the mountains".

2. Helped in developing a new Master in Business Analytics by: developing the curriculum, introducing a novel project-based learning approach, specifying the computational infrastructure for project-based learning, training the key personel that manages data science project.

3. Established collaboration with academic and industry international partners, such as The University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon University, Vodafone, World Economic Forum, and others.

4. Developed new Executive Education program in Data Science.

5. Introduced and taught new courses, such as Open Innovation and Technology Strategy, and helped in introducing Machine Learning, Data Curation and Data Visualization.

6. Supported the local community of data scientists to establish a chapter of Data Science for Social Good Foundation, and to volunteer their time and skills to support the non-governmental and public organizations to become more effective.

Before Nova SBE, I had the privilege to help building Patient Innovation platform, and start several companies in information and communication technologies. My biggest achievement of all is my family - my wife and three kids.

My contact:leid.zejnilovic@novasbe.pt